So ya wanna submit someone as an asshole...
   So, you know someone and they're a real asshole and you think they
   should be on here for asshole of the day for all the world to see huh..
   Well.. Don't we all.. You can submit someone to be listed here, however,
   due the amount of submissions I get, I cannot promise that your person
   will make it. (unless you slip me like $20, which goes towards the hosting
   cost, and not in my pocket) So anyways, below are the guidelines for
   submitting someone to be featured on Assholes R

Submission Guidelines

   A picture is a good idea, that way, the asshole in question
   is easily identified while walking down the street, or at
   a gas station, etc. etc. Someone might walk up to them and
   say, "Hey, you look familiar. Where do I know you from? I know!
   I saw you on! Man, you're a real asshole!"
   Imagine their reaction. If you don't have one, that's okay.
Don't go stalking the person just to get a pic to post.
   Along with the picture, please include a story as to why this
   person should be listed. I read all of the submissions, and
   after careful thought, I pick someone. But if you submit someone
   just because they bumped into you at the bar, or gave you the bird
   because they cut them off in traffic, it's gonna go in the trash.
   It has to be real assholes, and good reasons for it to. I have a lot of
   relatives who are assholes, and I have seen just about everything.
   So if it sounds like you made it up, or if it's just too stupid,
   it's also going in the trash. If you want to include their
   instant messenger name, or email, feel free to, but if you put
   their physical address, or phone number, it ain't gonna get
   through. That's da rules for ya.

   Anything that is above a PG rating will be discarded along with
   the rest of the submission.


   Click here to submit via Email

   Snail Mail Address:
   Not available at this time.

Any and All submissions sent either email or snail mail will not be returned!
   Once the information is entered into the server, the physical submission
   is then put through the shredder. Emails are deleted.

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